Day 2: Volunteering in Staten Island for #Sandy relief
by SandersAK
St Jacobi's Church
We went back to St Jacobi to volunteer. •••
Mike Geer gave us a lift to Staten Island. •••
Having a car with gas is a big deal right now. We acted as a supply convoy between churches on Staten Island.
Crossroads Church at the Lane Theatre
At the local drop off point, we helped families stock up on supplies. Two women arrived who had lost everything. They were sleeping in their cars with their teenage daughters.
We arrived at the south coast and saw hundreds of volunteers. •••
There were a few people from the Red Cross holding clipboards but the cleanup and organization was run entirely by a volunteer team.
Locals and neighbors have been cleaning for two days with little outside help. •••
Here you can see a dirt line on the house where the water reached. •••
The outpouring of support is powerful and moving. •••
People are filled with a lot of hope, but know there’s a long way to go.

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