Damn Yankees
by brooklyntheory
Before they became known as the ‘Evil Empire’ they were ‘The Bronx Bombers’.

Before there was Jeter there was Jackson.
Before A’Rod There was Nettles.
Before Mo’ there was Goose.
Growing up in the Bronx back then it was impossible not to be a Yankee fan. One of my fondest early memories was going to my first baseball game on Bat Day at Yankee Stadium with my father. I was only about 6 or 7 years old but it was an experience that I’ll never forget. Baseball, at an early age, became something my father and I could bond over.
Many years later, after leaving the Bronx, my father and I found a true pleasure in rooting for the underdog and became fans of the Yankees’ crosstown rivals the NY Mets.
Over the years, with consistently skyrocketing salaries, performance enhancing drug scandals, and the rooting for a perennial losing team, baseball has lost a lot of it’s luster for me. Even so, my father and I still catch the occasional game together.
Every now and again I’ll break out my old Met cap that my father bought me at one game or another and I’ll where it as I walk around the city. As I walk I am constantly aware of the thousands of other people wearing Yankee caps. On any given corner, in any given neighborhood, on any given train, their they are.
Now some of these people are true fans, and others fair weather fans. Some are tourists taking home a souvenir, while others are simply New Yorkers with a little hometown pride. Others are simply making a fashion decision while some, well, they’re just wearing a ball cap. Whatever the case, it’s a constant reminder of the Yankees’ winning dynasties and the Mets losing seasons.
I don’t talk to my father as much as I’d like, or as much as I should these days. But even during a five minute phone conversation between ‘hellos’ and ‘goodbyes’ we’ll squeeze in a little baseball talk. We’ll commiserate on the losing state of our NY Mets, discuss a highlight or two from a past game and silently wonder how sweet it will be to see them win a championship again someday. And all the while, together we ignore, the successes and popularity of those Damn Yankees…
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