Abandoned Island in the middle of NYC
by newyorktales
If you’ve ever had the chance to kayak around New York, you might have noticed this…
In between Queens and the Bronx, is a small abandoned island called “North Brother”.
In 1885 the island was used to build a hospital complex to quarantine and treat people suffering from smallpox and typhoid fever.
In the 1950s they turned it into a rehab center, but the entire island has been abandoned since 1963.
They tried to sell the island to private investors in the 70’s but it was too expensive to build everything.
In the 80’s they tried to build a prison on the island but scrapped the plan because it was cheaper to build in upstate New York.
Let’s take a look inside! •••
The library is a mess and books are all over the place. I love the way old book pages look.
The printed word rots away… •••
The restrooms still look the same as they would today, and still promote good hygiene.
Not sure that would help if you had been quarantined there. •••
It was interesting to see remnants of medical equipment, like this old X-ray machine and the barium patients uses to swallow beforehand.
Art still remained from the heroin addicts who had lived in the rehab center,
Such a peaceful and calming activity must have helped them overcome their urges.
Mother nature was reclaiming her land. Open spaces like tennis courts and roads were mostly overgrown.
A chair stood on its own with no seat, looking over the island.
And some of the doors were filled with bullet holes. Likely from the police at nearby Riker’s Island.
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