Welcome To Chernobyl
by IamJamieG
Welcome to Chernobyl •••
Some 900 people still live within the Dead Zone.
#Pripyat​ Palace of Culture •••
Hotel •••
Nursery •••
Nursery •••
Souvenir from the Moscow Olympics.
Entering the highest building in Pripyat (30 storeys).
Alas, the lift wasn’t working.
Entropy •••
On the roof •••
#TopOfTheRock​ in #Pripyat •••
Nuclear plant in the background. Notice how it has taken nature just 25 years to reclaim a town of 50,000 people.
Pripyat Land Theme Park •••
Stadium •••
#Chernobyl​ Church. No radiation detected here.
The stricken Reactor No. 4 •••
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