Winter Break
by caropinto
After a long semester, we gratefully began winter break 2012 edition. Before the holidays proper, we indulged in some laying around time at home.
Caught up on some Instapaper reading. •••
Sat with the Cat. •••
Took a nap. •••
Watched Tv. •••
Read some magazines. •••
Roasted some grapes. •••
Finished a puzzle. •••
After spending Xmas with my parents, we tried to outrun Euclid as we headed west to Michigan.
We made it! •••
Downtown Rochester Lights
Rochester Lights. •••
Oh Tannenbaum •••
AFG took me to the Henry Ford Museum
Votes for Women! •••
There was a special Lego exhibit!
I love me some Saarinen! •••
I have one at home. •••
Wonderful collection that reflects Detroit’s industrial heritage. Excellent end to our break.
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