4 Ways OccupySandy Is Like A Really Awesome Startup
by SandersAK
For a hyper-socialist organization, Occupy Sandy is run a hell of a lot like a tech startup.
Here are 4 things that reminded me of working as a team on Backspaces while I was volunteering.
#1​: It’s not about who’s in charge, it’s about making shit happen.
First day? Help make 400 PB&Js happen. •••
It doesn’t matter who moves the boxes in, so long as they get unloaded. •••
No ride to the Rockaways? Rent a bus. •••
#2​: All that matters is what’s important right now.
Communication makes everything possible. •••
The longer it sits in the basement, the more damage it causes. •••
After 4pm, blankets and hot food to those without power on the 20th floor ASAP. •••
#3​: People are everything. Don’t mess up the vibe.
Egos don’t work well in a conga line moving supplies. •••
Shit happens, stress happens, help alleviate it. •••
Celebrate and share your wins. •••
#4​: The big picture will define your success.
Every day is a grind. Embrace it. •••
Progress is directly attributed to your actions. •••
There’s a long way to go. It doesn’t matter. Keep going. •••

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