How a vinyl record is made
by brandonscales
I was asked by The Crossing media group to assist in the creation of a special edition, two disc set of the album WAKE by Destroy Judas. I was to create the hand painted album jackets and photo documentation of the process.
Plastic pellets of various colors are used to create the record. •••
The material is heated and melted into a pliable state. •••
Aluminum plates are used to press the record, adding the groves and shape the music lives in. •••
Labels are placed.The material added and pressed under thousands of pounds •••
The now shaped record includes the music, laser etched design, and labels. •••
Edges are trimmed and shaped. •••
Quality control is present during every step of the hand done process. •••
Material can be added or removed to change color and consistency. •••
When it all comes together, you end up with a beautiful vinyl record ready to be played. •••
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