Volunteering at #OccupySandy #SandyVolunteer
by SandersAK
Today I went down to Jacobi church to volunteer for the relief effort here in NY.
I saw cars lined up for 20 blocks waiting for gas. •••
The surreal signs for that stupid marathon. •••
St Jacobi's Church
When I arrived, it was very busy. •••
Occupy has been impressive in setting up and organizing efforts.
Volunteers sorted clothes, food, and other supplies to be sent out. •••
The number one challenge has been dispatching everything.
Pablo was in charge of deciding which convoys went where. •••
The dispatch board to organize cars and supplies. •••
Communications have been frantic at best. It reminds me of my old job as a forest firefighter. There’s a lot of “hurry up and wait” happening.
These two guys delivered a uhaul full of supplies from Maryland. •••
But we had to wait a few hours to fully unload it. •••
Social media has definitely played its part •••
But there isn’t a consistent route of communication so that everyone is on the same page.
I doubt that’s the organizers’ fault. In fact, they seem better than most fire outfits. •••
Maybe I’m just frustrated that I can’t do more and things will always feel like they’re not happening fast enough.
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