My trip to Rockaway days after #sandy
by harrybeeenyc
Rockaway Beach - 100th Street
Welcome to my journey to Rockaway •••
This was a boardwalk •••
Structurally the houses were still there but completely gutted •••
It was amazing to see solar panels bringing power because Rockaway is still blacked out •••
The boardwalk wrecked •••
The stores were completely destroyed •••
Flipped over port a potty in the side of the road •••
I can’t imagine what this was like when the storm hit •••
The sea line is covered in seaweed •••
Even the concrete structure was bent by the power of the sea •••
Thanks 2 my friend Edon and his Dessel Benz with amazing gas Millage there is still a fuel shortage •••
Beach Channel was no different, no power and boats on the road •••
This boat was directly in the middle of the road •••
SS Mino referring to Gilligan,s Island •••
I’m still I shock of what is saw. Please donate to help, there is so much work to be done. •••

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