Under the Stairs (with vintage Apple hardware porn)
by aanand
My mum’s been clearing out under the stairs. This week she found all our old computers,
like the iMac •••
and the PowerBook (notice how the apple’s the other way round). •••
What got to me more, though was the Mac LC.
“Thousands” of colours, •••
and a keyboard like none before or since. The action was perfect. •••
For years I obsessed over files and folders. Kid Pix. SuperPaint. HyperCard. After Dark. System 7. How nice Helvetica looked when you printed it out.
But the LC wasn’t even the end of it. Stacked beneath, with the Air India sticker still on it (from when my family moved to Delhi for a year)…
Finding the Apple //c is important beyond mere retro-fetishism—this is the computer I learned to program on. I was more in love with the Mac once it came along, but I never wrote code on it. This is where the seeds were planted. Writing BASIC programs to ask me my name and then personally insult me.
The moment that stopped me in my tracks was when I checked to see if there was anything in the external disk drive.
I’m going to need to turn this thing on.

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