THINK Photovoice Liberia
by danieljacklyons
As a research consultant, I’m currently teaming with PCI Media Impact to implement a photovoice project with 25 girls in Liberia. The girls attend a specialty school known as Project THINK.
THINK was initially created to host and rehabilitate female child soldiers, and currently provides a home and education for victims of gender based sexual violence.
The girl’s photovoice project began with an orientation and training.
For those that are unfamiliar with it, photovoice is a research method that utilizes documentary photography and storytelling. It entrusts cameras into the hands of participants, enabling them to act as recorders of their own lives, history, and experience.
During the training, the girls came up with a theme to guide them in the process of taking photos.
They expanded on this theme, each contributing to its definition.
Until it was time to receive their cameras.
In the days that followed, we met in small groups to share and discuss their photos, why they took them, and how they related to their chosen theme.
Long days of storytelling were best ended with a dance party
After several rounds of taking and sharing photos in small groups, each girl selected their favorite photos to be printed and shared with everyone.
Each girl had the opportunity to view one another’s photos.
They were able to comment on each others photos
And share with the group why they chose their own.
The first phase of this project has now been completed. In April, I will return to Liberia with Media Impact and resume working with the girls of Project THINK. But before doing so, I will post the girls photos and stories here in the backspaces community.
Stay tuned
#ThinkPhotoVoiceLiberia​ made possible with the support of @MediaImpact

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