Bill Clinton at the Ritz
by befrank
Just to show you how random my day can be, I was at home working around my house when I got a call from my assignment desk.
It was 11:45 am and they wanted me on the clock by 1:00pm to be in Laguna Nigel, California to meet our Political Reporter (Hey, Dave Bryan!) at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.
President Bill Clinton was going to be speaking and we were going to be there covering it.
It wasn’t anything to stress over, but I wasn’t really eager to face the long drive down to the OC and even less thrilled about a Secret Service security check. Oh, well, it’s all part of what I do.
The Secret Service had us leave our gear in a room where they let a K-9 unit sniff it out for anything suspicious. This is pretty much the routine. Also, I speak from experience, leaving a tuna sandwich in the gear bag is not amusing to them.
Clinton was speaking to a group of healthcare professionals. I’ll be honest, it seemed like a boring conference. I fully expect that many of the attendees planned on getting drunk and hooking up at the end of the day.
I mean it was a pretty cool thing to be there to hear Bill Clinton speak and it was at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in a very ritzy beach city.
I’ve hung out in worse places to cover a story (I’m looking at you, Compton). I think we were hoping that Bill would have let slip a juicy tid-bit of political info. Like, maybe, Hilary was running for President.
Didn’t get that and I also didn’t get one of the nifty swag bags being given out by the conference. I tried to get one by being charming. Still nothing. Zipola. I guess I’m just no Bill Clinton.
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