by befrank
We started out on another story. That one won’t air until February, so I can’t tell you what it is. If word got out, then all the TV stations everywhere would go out and do the story too.
Second story of the night. The grounding of the 787. •••
Well, probably not, but I still could get in trouble for posting that kind of info online. I do have to be careful. My station has always been pretty supportive about my social media activities.
In return, I’m totally okay with not trashing my co-workers or the station management.
I know, being positive is really difficult for some people. Shucks, but I dig what I do so much, it’s pretty easy for me.
Yay, I got to work with Amanda Burden again. I never get to work with her. •••
When you get to see and do amazing things (okay, not every day, but way more often than in most jobs), you can let a lot of the minor office drama slide.
I have a lot of the same frustrations and criticism of local news that most people have.
Pointing out the possible flaws in what we do (gratuitous live-shot anyone?) is like shooting fish in a barrel.
At least for me, seeing the news from the inside out, I have a (hopefully) better understanding of why we do things the way we do. Some decisions are based on ratings and viewership, some are based on resources. I like the fact that I have a good enough relationship with the people who make decisions to question or raise objections.
Obviously, that’s not going to get me out of doing the late live-shot when I’d much rather be heading for home, but hey, check it out, I’m at LAX. I get to snap a few pictures when nobody is looking. Come on, how cool is that?
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