My Pet Mushroom
by alilarsen
I recently spent five months in India. While I was there I came across this remarkable little creature…
With his umbilical cord still attached and his eyes and ears both shut, he was whimpering behind a mushroom patch.
I got a syringe from the medical clinic and some goats milk from the goat farm and tried to feed him.
It seemed to work. •••
He ate and he slept, and ate and slept, and ate and slept…
I named him Kaalan (the Tamil word for mushroom) •••
He ate so much he almost weighed a pound! •••
After three weeks, he opened his eyes!
He went to the vet…
…with roosters and goats •••
And then came the fun…
He came on road trips •••
The Nilgiri Mountains •••
Tea Plantations •••
Varkala Beach •••
…he was pretty popular •••
He saw The Avengers in 3D •••
And went to his first bar •••
He swam in the Arabian Sea •••
Met elephants •••
And lounged by the pool •••
And then came his biggest trip of all…first we flew from Coimbatore to Delhi where Kaalan had to be cleared by a quarantine officer.
My dad put us up in the Hyatt in Delhi •••
And then came the tough one…40 hours in cargo and 40 hours apart from him.
Delhi to Toronto •••
But he made it…reunited in Toronto! •••
He is a wonderful addition to my life in Canada! •••
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